Interested in different intakes on History classes based on various topics? If so then you are in the right place! Here is a little run through of where you can go on the website to find what you are most interested in!

First you can start off by clicking any of the pages above^^ (this may also be in the menu button)^^ to see a brief description on what each of the classes are focusing on and what I intend to inform you about them as well as a little section on myself just so you can get to know me a little more.

Next on your right of this post you can see a list labeled>>> Check out the different views of history,>>>  this will give you a list of the categories that I have posted my views in,  each category will be listed with the class number and what the posts are about.

Please take a look at what my thoughts are towards these topics and feel free to give me feedback or your thoughts as I would love to expand my knowledge on these topics. I should have you know all topics posted except the ones labeled reading analysis, are chosen because I have great interest in them so I am always wanting to learn more about them, or places to learn more about them. Hope you find this website interesting and fun, thanks for checking it out!